Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Second of two posts today!!!

I needed to make a Get Well Soon card for a family friend today so I got my Card-io Majestix stamps out.  I love this range of peg and accent stamps as they make simple stunning cards quickly.   
Here's what I made.

I used the Oriental Blossom Stamp Set which is a must have item from their range as it has the fabulous branch in it which can be used with loads of their other sets.  The large dragonfly is from their Dragonfly Garden Stamp Set and the cluster of smaller dragonflies are from their Mum's Garden Stamp Set.  You put the stamps on the end of the see through pegs.
I used an Espresso Adirondack ink pad to stamp out the branches first.  The arc of the branch stamps into a circle brilliantly.  I stamp it at 12 o'clock and then stamp either side of it without re-inking with second and third generation ink, then the same at 6 o'clock, 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock.   I then add in any extra branches where it looks like it needs it.  It's surprising how easy it stamps into a circle.  I only had to do it on a piece of scrap once the first time I used them to master the technique.  I then stamped the leaf first with Meadow Adirondack and then with Sage Versacolour around the edges of the wreath.  I stamped the two different flowers in between with Heliotrope and Amethyst Versacolour.  I stamped out the sentiment  using a Whispers purple brush nib pen for the ink so it would match the lining that I was going to do for the edge framing with the thin nib.  The dragonflies were stamped with Atlantic Versacolour.  I stamped out a similar design on the flap of my envelope.  
I then used Magenta Stickles glitter glue on the middles of the flowers stamped in Amethyst and Lavender Stickles on the middles of the flowers stamped in Heliotrope on both the card and envelope.  I finally used Star Dust Stickles on the wings of all the dragonflies.

I hope you like!  I'd urge anyone to give these little stamps a go as they are easy to use even for a beginner!


  1. Oh that is gorgeous, I've got some of these stamps lurking somewhere, maybe it's time to dust them off!

  2. I LOVE that card-you make it sound simple, but it looks very impressive!