Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Felt Beach Hut Bunting

Hi all,
Tonight I am posting the beach hut bunting that I made out of felt for my sister.  I made it as a present to take to her in Canada to remind her of home!

 I used felt from Corrine Lapierre's Multibuy Pack of 3 x 5 9 Inch Felt Sheets with FREE Beach Huts Pattern in the 'Summer' option  with white added from another kit.  The felt is such lovely quality as it's wool felt - not like the cheap stuff at all.  You get the pattern free with the felt which is a good deal.  I re-sized the pattern on my scanner to 85% and 75% with the full sized one in the middle and the smallest at either end.  On the smallest ones I just created one plank down the middle of the hut rather than the two on the larger ones.

This is my first go with felt and I really enjoyed it!  Good to sit in front of the telly and do as it isn't messy like papercrafting and you can do it on a lap tray.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous - I so need to make one of these :)

  2. Wonderful, cheerful project! Your sister will love it!

  3. Definitely bright and cheerful - and absolutely gorgeous too.

  4. Oh this is gorgeous.
    Claire xx

  5. That's so sweet , you must be very pleased with it.